Shadows of Evil Swords

Ulamargor Zortuk…
1. Memorize the three symbols inside of the windows as you ride the train
2. Go to the rift and become the beast, then go over to the wall with all of the symbols and shock the three symbols you memorized, then smash the box behind you
3. Pick up the Apothocon egg and place it in the Cthulhu statue behind you, and get 10-12 kills around it until it glows blue, pick it up
4. Take the egg to the statue in the Canal District near the staircase to the Ruby Rabbit, get 10-12 kills near it until it glows blue, then pick it up
5. Take the egg to the Waterfront District in the red dark room of the high route from the Waterfront District, repeat the last two steps on all of the other ones
6. Take the egg to the Footlight District, and near the Gobblegum machine, there will be another statue, repeat steps
7. Go back to the rift and place the egg where you got it and you will pick up the Ulamargor Zortuk
Kreelasha lu Ahmkhaaleet…
1. Go to the ritual table that corresponds to your character (Cop – Ruby Rabbit, Stripper – theater, boxer – boxing ring, magician – behind spawn)  and take the egg from the ghost keeper
2. Go to the circles around the map (Junction, Canal District, Waterfront District, and Footlight District) and hold X on them to start a ritual, kill the Margwa(s) to charge the egg
Note: The first one you do will spawn in one Margwa, but the other three will spawn in two
Note: You can only do this in the middle of a round, if the round ends in the middle of a ritual, then it still counts, but if you kill all the zombies after you finish your second one, you have to restart
3. Go back to the ghost keeper and give him your sword, then pick up the Kreelasha lu Ahmkhaaleet

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