Gorod Krovi Pack-A-Punch and Dragon Strikes

1. Turn on power
2. Kill zombies to get Code Cylinders (Blue=Power, Yellow=Library, Red=Origins Robot)
3. Take the blue Code Cylinder and insert it into the Groph Console, look up in the sky and look for a green beam of light, go to the location and protect the module from the zombies until the module opens and pick up the Network Circuit

4. Head down to where the shield can be built and hold X or Square on the machine to insert the Network Circuits you received
5. Repeat step 3 for the Yellow and Red Code Cylinders
6. Head to power and call the dragon, once it has arrived hold the action button on the console to ride it to Pack A Punch
Once you have a Pack A Punched (if you want one) weapon, release the crystal on the top floor and defend the room, once complete go to the crystal and hold X to get the dragon strike controller

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